Are you happy with your homeowner’s insurance? Most people are. That is, when all is going well. While paying insurance premiums doesn’t top the customer satisfaction list, there’s generally very little to complain about when interacting with the insurance company is kept to a minimum. However, what happens when you must file an insurance claim? That’s when satisfaction rates begin to plummet. Now that you are involved in an insurance claim, you must interact with the insurance company on a regular basis, often finding out that your best interests are not being considered.

Granted, the people that work for the insurance company are friendly. From the customer service representative who cheerfully helps you report your loss to the company adjuster who estimates the damage, you’ll find these interactions cordial and reassuring – until the settlement offer arrives.

Understand that your insurance company has a different objective that you have: the insurance company may be far more concerned with minimizing potential losses and protecting their bottom line while you simply want to restore your home and possessions to their original condition. Will the settlement cover your losses? Will you have to settle for substandard repairs or replacements? Will you have to do without? Does the settlement take into account all of your losses? Are you getting compensated for everything that you are entitled to?

The average homeowner rarely files an insurance claim, making it difficult to judge a good settlement from a poor one. Rather than taking your insurance company’s representative’s word for it, let a public insurance adjuster review your situation. Here at W.S. Cook & Associates, we can help you navigate the complexities of filing an insurance claim – and help you receive a fair and equitable insurance settlement.

We offer a FREE claim review, making it possible for you to get an objective opinion about the worthiness of the insurance settlement offer with no obligation whatsoever. We are confident that you will see that we are on YOUR side – not the insurance companies. We deal with homeowners’ insurance claims on a daily basis and have dozens of years of collective insurance industry experience. We understand the way insurance works as well as how to spot underestimations and oversights – all of which can dramatically affect your final offer.

Let us put our expertise to work for you. Our business succeeds only when we can help our clients. Call us today to see how we can maximize your insurance settlement offer.