Wondering how public insurance adjusters have saved other homeowners’ money? Take a look at a few of our success stories.

From Zero to $20,000
In 1998, a tornado damaged the Kissimmee, Florida home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Because the mortgage company was the named party on the insurance policy, another public insurance adjuster chose not to pursue the settlement. The Rs had nearly given up when a neighbor suggested that W.S. Cook & Associates get involved. The W.S. Cook & Associates team promptly went to work, examining the circumstances and negotiating directly with the claims examiners. Though no coverage was in effect, our tenacity paid off and the Rs insurance claim went from zero to $20,000 as a result!

Hurricane Floyd Battered Historic Plantation Home But Couldn’t Batter W.S. Cook & Associates
Hurricane Floyd struck with a vengeance, battering Mr. and Mrs. W’s historic plantation home. Despite the damage, the insurance settlement came in at a paltry $16,000. Mr. W’s boss had used W.S. Cook & Associates in the past and suggested that we get involved. After a few weeks of intense negotiation sessions, W.S. Cook & Associates had successfully recovered an additional $23,000 in damages – over 145% more than the original settlement offer!

Coinsurance Penalty Could Have Cost Mr. R. $75,000
Mr. R.’s two-story commercial building suffered extensive damage after Hurricane Fran struck. Unfortunately, an insurance company-paid adjuster misinterpreted a coinsurance penalty provision in the policy, resulting in a settlement offer of just $25,000. When W.S. Cook & Associates examined the policy, the error was obvious – and costly! As a result of our efforts, this penalty was removed and the insurance settlement offer increased to $100,000!

Two Hurricanes in a Row Cause Insurance Claims Stalemate
Mr. B’s North Carolina realty office suffered extensive hurricane damage from two consecutive hurricanes but the insurance settlement came in extremely low – $7,000 in all – covering only a fraction of the losses to the building and nothing for the damaged belongings inside. By the time we got involved, Mr. B and the insurance company were at a stalemate with the insurance company exhibiting a “take it or leave it” attitude. Negotiations involving four different adjusters were long and brutal. However, the stalemate had ended once we arrived and we were able to recover an additional $24,000 for the realty office damage and $17,000 for the damaged business possessions inside – a net increase of 585%!

Previously Settled Claim Gets a Once Over
Dr. B had previously settled an insurance claim for his two vacation homes but the process hadn’t completed yet. Frustrated and overwhelmed with the process, Dr. B turned to us so that he could focus on his medical practice rather than deal with insurance adjusters. Our hard work paid off and an additional $24,000 was awarded.

Is that Your Final Offer?

W.S. Cook & Associates understands that a “final” offer isn’t always final. Mr. J owned a 21 unit motel and shopping mall which were extensively damaged by Hurricane Fran. At first, Mr. J negotiated with the insurance adjuster directly, putting his business savvy and negotiation skills to work. However, the insurance adjuster wouldn’t budge and the $33,000 offer on the table was final.

W.S. Cook & Associates became involved and recovered an additional $73,000 for Mr. J – an increase of 220%!

Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Want to Look Bad and Asks Insured to Accept Substandard Work
Mr. G’s North Carolina strip shopping center and upscale jewelry store were extensively damaged by an ice storm. Ice damming in the copper roof led to extensive water damage inside. In an attempt to save money, the insurance company adjusters determined that the antique copper roof should be removed, repaired, and reinstalled. A contractor agreed to perform these substandard repairs and interior repairs for $75,000. However, Mr. G disagreed. When confronted, the adjuster said that she could not offer more without looking bad. Mr. G called W.S. Cook & Associates after several months of battling with his insurance company. End result: Mr. G was entitled to a new roof. We were able to add an additional $47,000 to his settlement offer.

From $14K to $140K – 1000% Increase Thanks to W.S. Cook & Associates!

Hurricane Fran didn’t spare a church when she swept through, causing extensive damage. The church wasn’t spared from the insurance company either as a lowball settlement offer came to a mere $14,750. The church’s officers took W.S. Cook & Associates up on our offer of a FREE insurance claim evaluation. Did this free service pay off for the church! We were able to increase the settlement offer by over 1000% with a final settlement of $140,000! While some may say, “miracles do happen after all,” we disagree. This wasn’t the result of divine intervention; it was the result of hard work, extensive insurance knowledge, and skilled, diligent negotiations by a W.S. Cook & Associates public insurance adjuster. Even Insurance Company Adjusters Get Low Settlement Offers
Mr. C had spent the last 20 years working as a company insurance adjuster, helping insureds with their losses. He always handled claims fairly and promptly, and fully expected the same when it came to his own loss. When the pipes in his home froze and burst, Mr. C filed a claim and soon learned that not all insurance adjusters shared his passion for fairness – major portions of his insurance claim were denied and a lowball offer of $500 was presented. Mr. C hired W.S. Cook & Associates and we immediately became involved in a series of tough negotiations. End result: the claim was ultimately settled at $5700!

W. S. Cook & Associates Increases Furniture Store Claim by $90,000
Mr. M contacted us after receiving a low insurance settlement offer of $36,000 for hurricane-related damages to his furniture store. This offer covered some of the damage to the building and nothing for the damaged furniture inside. Once we became involved, tough negotiations took place and we were able to increase the settlement offer to $126,000 – and allow Mr. M to salvage his inventory of slightly damaged furniture.