Did you know that it is YOUR responsibility to prove your insurance losses – not the insurance companies or the contractors? Yes, the burden of proof lies with you, the insured. It is up to you to establish the losses and damages to your property and your belongings. And you must act quickly which isn’t always easy when you’re suffering from a traumatic event. Among the many requirements that you must fulfill during an insurance claim are:

  • Notifying your insurance company of any loss immediately
  • Securing the property from further damage
  • Separating the damaged items from the undamaged items
  • Providing a detailed inventory of all losses including quantities, damages, cost, actual cash value, total loss claimed, and other details related to the property damage
  • Providing a sworn proof of loss form within 60 days

These requirements are just the beginning. Let W.S. Cook & Associates take care of the details and represent your best interests at the same time. We understand the insurance company requirements along with the intricacies involved in the insurance claims process. When you choose W.S. Cook & Associates, we will:

  • Provide you with a team of insurance experts. These seasoned pros will handle the time-consuming insurance claim paperwork and other details on your behalf.
  • Relieve the burden. You can rest easy knowing that we’re on your side. Much of the frustration and stress related to filing insurance claims will be eliminated.
  • Promptly prepare an insurance claim with your best interests fully represented.
  • Act in your best interest. If you had the insurance expertise that we have, you would be able to negotiate a better settlement. Since you lack this insider knowledge, let us represent you.
  • Share your concerns. You paid a hefty premium to insure your property and you deserve a fair settlement for the policy that you purchased. We will work diligently to make sure that you get what you paid for – a fair and equitable settlement offer.